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Anatomical studies of the lymphatic system, Andrew van Rymsdyk, 1774

Illustrations for William Hewson's A description of the lymphatic system in the human subject, and in other animals. Illustrated with plates. Together with observations on the lymph, and the changes which it undergoes in some diseases (London,1774). Hewson's original volume was dedicated to Benjamin Franklin.

The drawings are signed (in the case of work by Andrew van Rymsdyk) and anonymous (in work attributed to Bonnor). The published plates, engraved by Henry Adlard, credit Thomas Bonnor in these cases. The work of Andrew van Rymsdyk is not noted on the engraved plates.

These illustrations appear in Hewson's work as the main plate figures although supplementary detail drawing are absent from this set of originals.. The final drawing in the volume, intialled 'J V R' is exceptional in not being part of the main Hewson series and is earlier in date (1768 rather than 1773).

Thomas Bonnor (c.1743-c.1807) was primarily a topographical artist, best known for illustrating county histories of Somerset, Gloucestershire and Devonshire. Andrew van Rymsdyk (1753/4-1786) was the son of the medical artist Jan van Rymsdyk (d.1790). His surviving work is generally in the fields of portraiture and miniature painting.